March 19, 2018

Education First

UpGlo recognized the need to ensure that our program participants had the necessary English skills to get the most out of UpGlo’s training, and to succeed in their job searches. We partnered with English First (EF), a renowned international English language training institute, to launch our interactive English as Second Language (ESL) training. EF’s mission to open the world through education and give confidence and freedom to people of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds aligns closely with UpGlo’s work. They offer a comprehensive online library of 3,000 hours of study materials, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Since launching in 2017, we have enrolled more than 200 job seekers, with more than 3,700 study hours completed.


Lorena is a highly experienced industrial designer from Spain who joined Upwardly Global in March 2017. Her designs aspire to tell stories blending life, emotion, and surprise. However, Lorena struggled to communicate her design ideas in English, which frustrated her and affected her confidence. She was concerned that she wouldn’t fit in the U.S. workplace due to her low English skills. Lorena committed to improving her English skills through the EF training program. Soon after, she was invited for an interview with Pottery Barn and was offered a role as a senior designer.

“The EF training helped me a lot in improving my vocabulary and grammar skills, I was able to prepare better for interviews and achieve my first U.S job. The training is helping me to keep improving every day and I feel more confident in my new job. I am very glad Upwardly Global and EF have given me this opportunity.”