“The WES Mariam Assefa Fund is committed to ensuring immigrants and refugees can access quality jobs and have the tools and skills needed to advance. Crucial to this goal is encouraging U.S. employers to adopt inclusive hiring practices and invest in immigrant and refugee employees. We’re proud to support Upwardly Global—a longtime partner of WES— as they work with employers across sectors to pilot new solutions in the workplace—and in turn, create a new norm in HR and workplace practices. By advancing equity for immigrant and refugee talent and enabling them to fully leverage their education and skills, Upwardly Global is a true leader in the immigrant integration space and in the diversity, equity, and inclusion field more broadly.”

Monica Munn, Senior Director of the WES Mariam Assefa Fund

Black Rock

“Social Impact at BlackRock is committed to advancing a more inclusive and sustainable economy. We’re proud to partner with Upwardly Global because we share their conviction that providing job assistance to foreign-born professionals not only transforms individual livelihoods, but also creates stronger and more sustainable economies for host communities. Since 2019, BlackRock’s support has helped 1,000 of these job seekers rebuild their careers, increasing their salary, on average, $58,000.”

Deborah Winshel, Global Head, Social Impact at BlackRock,
and President of the BlackRock Foundation

Fondation CHANEL

“Upwardly Global was one of the Fondation Chanel’s first partners in the United States. We were impressed by their ability to address numerous opportunities at once: creating economic security for women and families, promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and celebrating the economic and cultural contributions of America’s immigrants and refugees. Supporting women’s economic security and viable career pathways is central to the global mission of the Fondation CHANEL. Partnering with Upwardly Global has enabled us to support a critical population: highly skilled immigrant women who are working in survival jobs well below their skill level. We are delighted to work with Upwardly Global to support women to re-ignite fascinating, impactful careers.”

Adeline Azrack, Head of US Programs, Fondation CHANEL